Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Project Life: What's Different in 2013

  • I'm going to be using the Studio Calico Project Life kits and scrapbook kits...I think. I loved January's kit. It's almost gone, in fact. The few pieces I have left might be incorporated into other layouts. However, I haven't been too crazy about February's and March's kits, so I'll admit, I haven't taken February's out of the bag yet, and March's hasn't arrived yet.
  • I'm going to incorporate screen captures of social networking sites, my iPhone, and more ephemera.
  • I'm going to incorporate photos from Trevor's life at work. Now that he has an iPhone, there's no excuse. I'm also planning to make him do some writing, too (especially for things I wasn't there for).
  • I'm experimenting with different sizes and layouts of page protectors, and I'm even using 12x12 cardstock as my base for some of the layouts. This frees me up by letting me use any layout I want, instead of forcing me to use the same layout for the end of one week and the beginning of the next.
  • I'm incorporating hidden journaling to make room for some of my more personal thoughts without making them easily accessible. Some pieces have prompts to open them, whereas others might just be written on a backside so only I know they are there.
  • I'm taking detailed notes in my planner so I can refer back to it as I complete a week.
  • I'm running my weeks Monday to Sunday this time, so the weekends stay together. It has rarely been an issue before, and in some instances, it worked out better to split the weekend, but I think 2013 will be a year when keeping the weekends together will make more sense for us.
  • I'm doing some mid-week planning in a very teacherly sort of style. I look at what I've done this week and what I have planned for early next week. I start to think about what needs to come in between (photos in shapes or sizes, journaling blocks, or decorative pieces). I feel like the layouts I've completed this way are much better than the others I've done. 
I'm so excited to share the beginning of my 2013 album tomorrow!

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