Saturday, January 5, 2013

What I made with my Studio Calico December Kits

In December 2012, I got:

  • The scrapbook kit
  • The card kit
  • Kris Kringle Add-On
  • Penn Station Add-On (free through a special offer when I purchased the card kit)
  • Herald Square Add-On (free through the same special offer - a happy surprise in the package since I didn't order this one!)
  • Printables
  • Cut files
Would you like to guess what I have made so far?

If your guess was, "Not a darn thing. It's December and you had a full-time job, the holidays, and travel," you would pretty much be right.

I did pull the gold Pow paper out of the main kit and used the Geometrees cut files on a Project Life layout, so the kits didn't go entirely unused. Here's hoping I get the chance to come back to them soon!

Also, here's hoping I do a better job with my January kits, which should be arriving on Monday. I am now getting the Project Life kit in addition to the scrapbook kit, so I think the whole Project Life thing will go more smoothly AND I should still have enough full sheets left to actually make traditional layouts and cards, too!

What I Made with my Studio Calico {Month} Kits will be a recurring series on roughly the first or second Saturday of each month. The posts will detail what I made with the previous month's Studio Calico kits. 

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