Friday, September 14, 2012

What I Made with Summer of '69

Since my Studio Calico kits have been piling up for awhile, I have decided to make more of an effort to use them while they're new. Part of that motivation means tracking what I do with them, and keeping myself accountable somehow.

I keep the newest kit in a plastic box by my desk. When the new one arrives, I usually transfer the older one into a two gallon plastic bag and put it in a pink crate with my other kits. Earlier this week, I took a couple of Becky Higgins grid cards and stuck one in each of the two newest scrapbook kits I have on hand. I'll be using those cards to write down what I make with each kit from here on out.

And then, about 5-6 weeks after I get the kits, I'll be posting here about what I made with each kit. Sometimes, I'll have photos, and sometimes, I won't - like today, because it's been grey every morning this week.

So far, this is what I've made with my August 2012 kit, Summer of '69:

  • A two page Project Life spread
  • A single page Project Life spread
  • Four cards
Obviously, I'm not done with this kit, but it's going to be retired to its plastic bag sometime today, and Central High (September's kit) will finally move from its pizza box to the plastic box. I've actually already used it for one Project Life spread, so it might have a more extensive list when I make this post again in October.

And now, I'm off to go work on a couple projects for the wedding we'll be attending tomorrow afternoon!

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Nicole K/GothamGal said...

Congrats on getting some scrappy stuff done. I ended up putting everything from city of lights to summer of 69 in one pizza box and going crazy... Still have about 12 papers left, but that's it. LOL.
Love central high, but the October releases are even more amazing, IMO.