Monday, August 20, 2012

Katie & Luke's Wedding

A big part of what we were up to this summer was attending weddings and bridal showers. The wedding season officially kicked off for us on May 18, with the Gerlachs' wedding. Trevor had known Luke since college, and we've gotten to know them well as couples living in Georgia. Katie is a Georgia native, so their wedding was a local one for us -- we were so excited to be able to drive our own car for once!

Here's a few of our favorite pictures from the big day:
I loved this sweet sign that welcomed us to the Little Gardens.

The flowers in the mason jars were precious. I just want to park some of these chairs with jars in my backyard permanently.

This is Luke, shortly after Katie entered.

Katie, during the vows. 

The guys at Table 8 - Trevor, Andy, Michael, Craig & Dan.

Cutting the cake - the lighting was awful so I converted it to black and white!

Josh & Andrea - she's another UND pilot, and he's in the safety department at the same airline as Trevor, Andrea, and pretty much everyone else we know.

Trevor & me

Adam (Mr. Hakstol - check out the suit), Sarah, and "Mrs. Hakstol"

Michael, Brittany, me. and Trevor!
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