Friday, August 31, 2012

August 2012 Updates

Here's what has been going on with us in August 2012:

  • Trevor and I attended the Super Saturday classes for Thirty-One Gifts' National Convention in Atlanta on August 4. He did a session tailored to husbands, while I attended sessions about growing my business as a consultant. We both attended the day's keynote address, delivered by Darren Hardy, publisher of Success.
  • The local school district opened for the year on August 6, and I went back to work. It's been really infrequent work, but I am glad to be doing something again!
  • I received both a renewal of my North Dakota teaching license AND my Georgia teaching certificate about a week after school started. 
  • I attended a free class in downtown Newnan called "Come Bead With Me." Nancy Twomey, a local jewelry maker and teacher, hosts the class once a month. Sometimes there is an actual lesson, but often times, each person simply brings a project. This month, we learned about French knitting. I loved it, and I have since purchased my own spool loom and the items for making beaded bracelets on the loom.
  • Trevor turned 30 on August 19. We celebrated the night before with a Jamaica-themed party for our pilot and flight attendant friends and their spouses. We had about 16 come from as far as Detroit to spend the evening with us.
  • During the last week of August, I had an interview for a teaching job not too far from our home -- about 40 minutes away. This was huge because I hadn't even gotten a call for an interview because I didn't have a Georgia certificate. As of now I haven't heard anything about the job, so I'm assuming I didn't get it, but I am grateful for the opportunity to interview. It gave me a chance to reflect on some things I could do differently, even though I felt I did a great job answering their questions and preparing. 

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