Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Using it up...

Things I have used up this week:

  • our bag of onions
  • a jar of red salsa
  • our jar of minced garlic
  • a bag of shredded cheese
  • our jar of cumin
  • a box of egg rolls
  • a box of pot stickers
  • a bag of instant chicken fried rice
  • two cans of Rotel
  • a can of tomato sauce
  • two cans of beans
  • a two pound container of chicken
  • a pound of ground turkey
Can you tell I'm making an effort to clear the fridge, freezer, and pantry before summer hits? As we spend the summer visiting friends, traveling to weddings, and just generally eating away from home, I think it's a good time to live off what we've got on hand for as long as we can. I'm trying to only pick up fresh produce, meat, and dairy products and instead plan our meals around what's on hand. This could get interesting!

One of my goals on this project is to help me establish a list of "staples" to keep on hand, whether it's dried grains (like rice) or a particular fresh produce item we love (like avocados). I've been told that this is the key to cooking without a recipe - that you just have a few favorite ingredients on hand and get inventive from there. So, I guess we'll see where this takes me!

Here's what we've eaten so far this week:

Saturday: Southwestern Stuffed Peppers
Sunday: Egg rolls, pot stickers, chicken fried rice, and Asian-inspired slaw
Monday: Mama Goldberg's Deli (we had a coupon & I found $20 on my desk!)
Tuesday: Crockpot Chicken Taco Chili

Wednesday will probably be pepperoni pizza puffs, and Thursday is going to be a leftovers night because Friday is our dear friends' wedding, and Saturday means flying off to North Dakota for a few days! Because we're going away, I chopped up the last of my onions and put them in the freezer when I prepared for our crockpot chili. That way, I know they'll stay good, and I've got an onion chopped and ready to go for whatever I cook when we return!

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