Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer 2012 Bucket List

1. Go to Maine for Samantha & Craig's wedding.
2. Host my first real Thirty-One Gifts party.
3. Road trip to Leesburg, Georgia to see where Phillip Phillips grew up.
4. Show my cousin Erin the city of Atlanta.
5. Go to North Dakota for my sister's wedding.
6. Eat tomatoes from my own plants.
7. Make smores.
8. Re-read The Hunger Games trilogy.
9. Bake something yummy once a week.
10. Get rid of the last boxes in our house.
11. Swim in our neighborhood pool.
12. Have an awesome July 4 party.
13. Clean up my office.
14. Clean out my closet.
15. Organize the panty.

*Summer 2012 is defined as Memorial Day to August 1, 2012 -- my school district's "summer vacation."

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