Monday, May 14, 2012

April 2012 Updates

I had meant to schedule this to automatically post on April 30, but clearly, I forgot! Here's hoping I'll be better at the end of May!

I'm going to try something new where I do a monthly post featuring the highlights/big news of the month. Here's the first one:
  • The second week of April meant a baby shower for our friend, Jennifer -- but it was a total surprise! We had the shower at our monthly leadership meeting. At the time, she hadn't chosen a name for her new baby girl, who is due at the middle to end of May.
  • We celebrated Easter as a couple this year at home because we each had to work right after the holiday - I on Monday, Trevor on Tuesday.
  • Trevor's parents were able to visit us the following weekend, April 13-15. They really only spent 30 hours here as they arrived on the last flight to Atlanta and departed on the first flight to Indianapolis, but it was a nice visit anyway. I think they learned about the "joys" of non-revenue travel with their early morning departure and mid-day connection in Indianapolis. Flight to Minneapolis, where they live, are pretty tough to get on when you've got regional pilot benefits.
  • Russ visited me from April 18-20, joining me for the Taste of Newnan while Trevor was working a four day trip.
  • On April 17, I wrapped the maternity leave I'd been covering since February 27. I was sad to leave the school, students, and staff, but I'm excited to have more flexibility once again.
  • Saturday, April 21 was a super duper busy day for us. We left the house at 10 a.m. for a baby's birthday party in Stockbridge, drove to Lilburn for my friend Katie Hancock's bridal shower, picked up Rachel at Westin, drove home through Fayetteville to check out their soon-to-be-closed Best Buy, stopped by the house so I could change out of my dress, went to Smokey Bones in Peachtree City for dinner, and took Rachel back to the hotel.
  • Rachel had another long overnight scheduled on April 28, so we did a buddy pass for her dad to come from Columbus, Ohio to join us all for a Braves game. He returned to Columbus with Rachel on her flight the following day. Her boyfriend, Jake, also flew in from Detroit, too. We had dinner at the original Chik-fil-a Dwarf House and enjoyed being able to bring our super sized styrofoam cups of soda into Turner Field -- definitely a huge bonus to attending Braves games!

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