Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Project Life 2012 Week 5: January 29 - February 4, 2012

I have officially keep up with this for more than a month! There have certainly been days that I have "fudged" photos by taking one the next day to represent the previous day, but I have kept with the spirit of this project, so I feel like that's okay. I'm definitely behind with putting these into the album, though! I have a full week off from work at the end of this month, so if I'm not caught up by then, that will be my chance to do so! Without further ado, here are my week 5 photos.

Saturday, February 4: A Fannie May Mint Meltaway! When the store in Bismarck closed years ago, I thought I'd never get one of these again. However, I happened to find them at a Jewel-Osco store in Crystal Lake, Illinois while visiting our friends, Dave and Erin. Apparently, these delicious treats are still available around Chicago!

Friday, February 3: While waiting for our flight to ORD, we were next to the gate for a flight to Steamboat Springs. The gate agent kept making calls for boarding, but no one got on the plane! It turns out that it's a small town in Colorado, so it was possible that no one had purchased tickets on this flight -- but it still had to go in order to position aircraft for a flight out of Steamboat Springs.

Thursday, February 2: Becca and Rachel were here for dinner with Trevor and me. Rachel had her jet break down, leaving her in Atlanta for an extra 24 hours, while Becca wanted to make some Valentines for her nieces and nephews -- she had 17 cards to make this year! Rachel bought us all cupcakes from Gigi's for dessert that night, and we got to use my favorite Crate & Barrel plates for the very first time!

Wednesday, February 1: Becca and her intern, Sarah, Allison, Elizabeth, and I made Valentines for a JOY FM promotion -- they're collecting these cards for children in foster care in the Atlanta area. We made 30 cards together that night.

Tuesday, January 31: Prior to our bible study meeting at Books-A-Million in PTC, I stopped by Gigi's for the first time. OMG! These are the Lemon Drop and the Canadian Maple cupcakes. Yes, that's bacon on the latter! It's also in the maple-flavored cake batter, too. It was certainly my favorite of the three Gigi's cupcakes I've had so far. The maple frosting & cake aren't too sweet to begin with, and the bacon balances it nicely.

Monday, January 30: We have Legos everywhere in our house. This is one of Trevor's latest kits, displayed on his dresser. I "ordered" him to use his Christmas money to buy Legos over the weekend because I knew if I didn't, he'd probably end up putting it towards practical things -- and I know my family members well enough to know they'd want to see him spend it on fun stuff!

Sunday, January 29: I LOVED the outfit I wore on Sunday. Absolutely loved it. I had to take a photo to remind myself to wear it again. It was super comfortable. I felt like I wasn't too hot or too cold at all that day, and I just felt very "put together." You can't see it, but I was also wearing jeans that fit very well and grey plaid Roxy loafers that felt like slippers.

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