Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project Life Photos for January 1-7, 2012

I'm not sure why, but Blogger or Picasa uploaded these in reverse chronological order. Since this is a stress-free project, I'm not going to mess with it.

January 7: A few new organizers for my desk resulted in a clean desk for the first time in awhile.

January 6: Trevor shows off his arm, which was poked in the morning for blood work and which bears his clinic wristband from a CT that afternoon.

January 5: Cookies on the oven, waiting for Trevor to come home from a doctor's appointment (yes, he dealt with medical personnel four times in one week).

January 4: After a nasty flu that required medical attention the night before, Trevor came home early from his trip. We spent the day watching TV and movies, and playing on our laptops. This is often the view I have from my desk - back of Trevor's chair and head while he surfs teh interwebz or plays games.

January 3: My shamefully cluttered desk. No, I can't do anything when it looks like this, hence the new organizers I purchased later in the week. I'll admit, I took this photo in order to shame myself into clearing my desk and keeping it clear.

January 2: Our new best friend, the Keurig Mini Plus Brewer. The novelty of this little beverage maker has made even Trevor, the sort of coffee drinker who needs the frou-frouiest drinks from Starbucks, try regular, brewed coffee. He might use it more often than I do -- and it was a Christmas gift to me, from my parents!

January 1: I loved that this newspaper showed some optimistic headlines for the new year, a glimpse into the  caucus and primary circus, and a great graphic wishing a happy new year.

I also liked this photo, too. We rang in the new year with glasses of Sweet Bliss white wine. I'm not sure which photo I'll be using in the album just yet, though!
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Stezie88 said...

Hey Lynsey! Fun to see your pics. Feel free to check mine out as well (

Do you know anyone else doing the project? I figure the more people I follow, the more it will remind and motivate me to do it! Thanks!