Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reflections 2011: What held you back?

6. What held you back from achieving your goals in 2011? How can you make sure it doesn’t stop you in 2012?

Procrastination. Feeling sick. Time. Money.

I feel like these four things together stopped me from doing everything I wanted to do this year. I have a poor concept of how much time things will take to be completed. I tend to procrastinate by doing things online - Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, reading blogs. When I combine those two things, I find myself with too little time. And then there's the whole sickness thing. Three times this year, I got so sick I was pretty much worthless for awhile. Two of the three turned out to be allergies, which is frustrating because there isn't much I can do about those allergies, short of moving away.

In 2012, I'm not going to play time wasting Facebook games. I'll probably still do the other stuff I do online, but I'm going to scale back on it. I think I might utilize a timer to help me stay on task. I also think using a to-do list and keeping my work spaces clear would help me be more productive. Organization is key, I'm learning.

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