Monday, December 5, 2011

Reflections 2011: GO

5. Where do you want to go in 2012? Is it a vacation spot, a new direction in your work or hobby, a new restaurant, or something else? Describe where you want to go. Tell us why you want to go there. How could you - or your creative life - benefit from going somewhere new?

I want to go through the finish line.

Yes, there are so many other places I choose to say I want to go to in 2011. I want to go back to Jamaica. I want to go to Europe. I want to go anywhere. But for 2012, the finish line is the goal.

I want to run a 5K next year. I've neglected exercising for years. YEARS. I don't do well with sweating or being out of breath or feeling uncomfortable at all (unless it's being uncomfortable in pretty shoes - that's something I'm great at). Two weeks ago, I bought running shoes. I have a few 5K races in mind right now, and my goal is run one sometime next year. I just can't imagine how great it will feel to complete the race, to cross the finish line for the first time.

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