Thursday, December 1, 2011

Reflections 2011: One Word

1. What word best represents the year 2011? Is it a word you chose in advance, like the “One Little Word” project, or did the word “find” you during this past year? Why does this word represent this past year, and what did you learn in relationship to the word during 2011?

I chose a One Little Word last December. It was move. I chose the word because it represented a number of things that I wanted to do this year. I wanted to move out of the apartment we were living in. I wanted to exercise, to move more. I wanted to move through the unread books on our shelves, and move through the books of the Bible. I wanted to move towards getting my Georgia teaching certificate. I wanted to be on the move, as in travel.

I really didn't meet many of my goals. I haven't officially started exercising, but I did visit my doctor because I'm a good little girl who follows the cautionary "consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program." Also, I bought a really pretty pair of silver and pink running shoes. I also read a lot more this year, but by no means did I clear our bookshelves of unread books. That might have something to do with how many are still in boxes, though. I definitely didn't read the entire Bible, either.

But what did I do? I did move out of that crappy apartment into a beautiful new house. I took a big step towards my Georgia teaching certificate -- I actually called a college and found out what I'd need to do to enroll in the class I need to take (but circumstances prevent me from enrolling right now). I also did some traveling, too. I didn't go anywhere super exciting, but I did go to Kennedy Space Center on Endeavor's launch morning. I went to New Hampshire and saw the most incredible views along Sand Pond Lake. I also went to Ohio to support a friend whose mother passed away.

What I learned about the word "move" this year is simply this: "move" simply means to be in motion. It doesn't mean to finish. It doesn't mean anything about reaching a destination or completing a task. It simply means to be in motion. When I look at my goals for 2011 in that context, I feel very good about what I've accomplished. I am simply in motion.

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