Tuesday, November 1, 2011

OLW: 2 months to go!


That was my One Little Word for 2011. Trevor and I agreed on  that one at this time last year. We wanted out of that apartment so badly, and we knew we needed to move into a place of our own. We made sacrifices (like the cable television services and the twice a month trips to Panera Bread Co.). We scaled back on celebrations. We found ourselves in our dream house. The house definitely didn't make life perfect, and it certainly has brought with it a whole new set of problems. We love our house, but there are definitely some challenges we weren't ready for, like a tree falling down six months after we moved in!

There's still so much that I didn't accomplish related to this year's word, but I'm hoping to change that over these next two months. Now is a perfect time to start exercising, reading the books I've got piled up, and moving towards getting my Georgia teaching certificate. I know I can read easily, as I've got plenty of time when I substitute teach. It's the working out and getting the teaching certificate that are the problem. It's hard for me to spend the money on those things right now, especially because getting my certificate means taking a class 45 minutes away from where we live -- that means investing a lot of my time and money, both of which are short right now.

How are you doing on your One Little Word goals?

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