Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Decorations

This is our first year with a house to decorate for any holidays, and Halloween is our first real holiday in our house. We had just barely moved in at Easter, and we weren't there for much of the time before Easter. My Halloween decorations are fairly modest, as they are primarily contained to two pieces on the mantle in our living room. However, I still wanted to share a peek at how I decorated this year!

Here's a close up of the mantle, mostly as a point of reference for the close ups you'll see below featuring more of the decorations we have out in our house. There isn't a close up of the printer tray because I only got one blurry photo of it, but it's the same one I bought at the Country Living Fair last year. I used a bit of painter's tape to hang a loop of ribbon holding an autumn colored wreath. There's just a couple strips stuck to the back of the tray. I know they aren't visible in this photo, but in the middle of the wreath, there are letter press blocks that form "LVT 7 25 09," our initials and wedding date. I bought the blocks in Savannah a couple days before Easter 2011 while Trevor was flying a trip completely out of Savannah. I went along for it, and it turned out that Trevor got a nearly 48 hour layover because bad weather prevented his plane from landing in Savannah. The store was called The Paris Market, and it was definitely worth the trip by itself.

I found this sign last fall, not too long before Thanksgiving, for something like a dollar at Hobby Lobby. They are really quick to drastic slash prices after a holiday, so I've always made a point to budget a little bit for the  post-holiday finds! The little pumpkin is from Target, and the hurricane is from IKEA. The filling is from the Better Homes and Gardens collection at Wal-Mart, with some extra acorns tossed in.

These pumpkins are from Hobby Lobby and Target, respectively. I fell in love with the metal leaves and little bits of glass intertwined in them. Last year, all three of my pumpkins made a trio at our apartment, but it was tougher to do this year.

I bought this frame at Hobby Lobby for $6 last week! I used the free printable from Eighteen25 and printed it at They have Subway art for every occasion, so while I was at it, I also printed one for Christmas.I have a couple other holidays sitting in my Shutterfly account, waiting for them to roll around.

Trevor gave me a Girls Paperie Halloween kit for part of my birthday present this year. We found it at Tuesday Morning in Peachtree City, so I got him to tuck it away for me. I turned into a Happy Halloween banner by adding in a couple yards of ribbon and about two sheets of cardstock.

Finally, we have the little rock heart. There's a beautiful story related to this one. Trevor's mom gave it to us at Easter. The church Trevor's grandfather belongs to has a special relationship with a Catholic church in Haiti. The church was basically destroyed by the earthquake last winter. But out the rubble came these beautiful hearts. The Haitian church members have been carving the stones that once made up their church into these hearts, which they are sending to the US to sell as a fundraiser for their rebuilding efforts. It's a wonderful reminder that when life gives you something ugly, you have the power to turn it into something beautiful!
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