Monday, October 17, 2011

The Good Life, part 1

Over this past month, I've been taking Amy Tangerine's "The Good Life" online class at Big Picture Classes. I have never taken any sort of scrapbook class before. When I was a beginner scrapbooker, I didn't have anything available locally, and online classes just weren't there yet. I found myself looking to magazines and scrapbooking websites for most of my techniques. I did a great job of learning from those. I actually taught a couple classes at a store in Grand Forks, even though I'd never taken a class -- how crazy is that?

However, Amy's reverse applique technique was just too cute for me to resist taking her class this fall. I really feel like it will be the most worthwhile thing I've done, even if I never use anything else from the class -- but the class was full of great things I'm sure I'll use down the road!

The bodysuit* above is the first project I made for Amy's class. I was inspired by the star-spangled bodysuit I saw at Wal-Mart to do an airplane in matching colors. I bought a quarter yard of matching flannel at Wal-Mart. I used my Slice to cut out the template for my airplane out of cardstock I didn't plan on using (it was an absurd color included in a multi-pack I bought years ago). Since I already had everything else I needed, my total cost for this project was about $4 after taxes!

It was such a quick and easy project that I'm already plotting a lot more bodysuits for my friends -- we currently have six pregnant friends! Since a few of them are pilots or pilot wives, I'm thinking there will be bodysuits with airplanes for quite a few of these babies. We've got no plans to join them right now, but I'm certainly enjoying browsing for cute baby outfits!

*Did you know that Gerber Childrenswear had a trademark on the term "Onesie" and aggressively defends their exclusive right to use the name? Crazy!
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