Friday, October 21, 2011

The Country Living Fair 2010

Last year in October, my parents and grandmother came to visit Atlanta for the first time. It just so happened that their trip coincided with the first ever Atlanta Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain. My mom thought it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for her to go to something really neat that she just wouldn't see in North Dakota -- or even the next time she came to Atlanta. I'm so glad we went.

My mom bought the printer tray I'm holding the photo above as part of my Christmas gift last year. It was from an antique shop in Maryland (I think? I lost the receipt) that brought scads of old chairs, printer trays, and sugar loaf molds, the kind you now see in a lot of places as candle holders. My favorite part, though, was the Jenni Bowlin Studio booth. It wasn't until I read her blog a few days later that I realized I'd purchased my goodies from her husband!

This stack of pumpkins and gourds was sort of the centerpiece between the food vendors and the exhibitors. It was probably close to 7 feet tall, and it was certainly one of the neatest things I saw that day.

But it definitely wasn't as cool as the squirrel we caught with a gummy worm! :)

Trevor and I will be visiting the Country Living Fair's 2011 edition today. If you're in the Atlanta area this weekend and looking for something fun to do, I highly suggest making the trip to Stone Mountain. Tickets are $16 at the gate, after you've paid $10 in park entry fees to Stone Mountain Park. Adventure passes for the park cost extra, but you don't need to pay if you'd just like to walk up the mountain, view the carving, or hang around on the green for the laser light show that evening. 
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