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October 10, 2011

Trevor took a self-portrait in our bathroom mirror on the morning of October 10 because it was the last time he would wear his silver stripes and wings on his blazer for Atlantic Southeast Airlines. That morning, he had to turn his blazer in for re-striping. As part of the process of merging the recently-purchased ExpressJet into the company, they chose to go to gold stripes and wings. Later that week, we learned that ASA has also chosen, via company-wide vote, to name the combined company ExpressJet as a nod to the fact that the combined company will certainly not be a southeast-exclusive airline. So, effective January 1, 2012, Trevor will be wearing ExpressJet wings and flying for ExpressJet. 

Though we knew this would be the likely outcome, it's still a bit disappointing. It's frustrating that I'll have to explain to my family and friends that Trevor doesn't have a new job, his company didn't get bought out, but it's just a name change. The whole situation with flying for a connection carrier is often pretty difficult for people outside of the industry to understand. Simply put, what Trevor does is fly the "commuter jets" for a company that has been contracted to do so by both Delta and United. So, he gets paid one paycheck, by the company he works for (you'd be surprised how often I get asked if he gets a paycheck from Delta and from United).

Amid all this, my job situation is also different. The long-term substitute teaching position I started the school year with ended unexpectedly in mid-September. I left on a Friday thinking I'd be back on Monday, and instead learned over the weekend that my time there was done. It was a really frustrating experience because I didn't feel like I got the chance to say goodbye to my students, and there was no sense of closure. It was just over. It hit me harder than I expected it would. 

However, it turned out to be a major blessing. About two weeks later, I took a substitute job at a local middle school. It happened to be in Language Arts, which is my subject area.The teacher came back at noon, and she was so happy with how the day had gone that she requested me for a day the following week! On the day following that sub job, the principal of the school called and asked if I could come visit with her that afternoon. I was offered another long-term substitute position! This will be 6-7 weeks from late February through mid-April, and I'll be teaching 8th grade Literature. It is my favorite subject, and my favorite grade. We have already begun tentative planning. We're on the same page as far as classroom management and class time flow. I have a good idea of what to expect, and I've already gotten to discuss discipline systems with the principal. I have so much confidence in this going well because I feel like I have an excellent support system built into this school. 

In the meantime, I'm going to be continuing with my day-to-day subbing. I'm working about three days a week, which is actually what I was doing with the long-term sub job I had in August and September. I've had some rough days in kindergarten classes and some wonderful days in middle school classes. Today, I'm supervising a high school student's in-school suspension. Tomorrow, I'll be filling in for a learning specialist at a high school in town. I'm enjoying the chance to check out some other areas, and I'm letting myself be open to the possibility that I might get another degree if I find something else that I really enjoy teaching. 

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