Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week in the Life 2011: Day 1

Monday, July 25, 2011

Clockwise, beginning in the upper left corner: Yogli Mogli frozen yogurts, view of my side of the sink, Harry Potter movie posters outside of the theatre, Trevor's suitcase packed for his four day trip, self-portrait of Trevor & me at Thai Heaven (using takeout boxes as a tripod), Trevor packing his lunchbox for his four day, beef pad Thai at Thai Heaven, the view of Trevor's side of the bathroom, Trevor's meals for his four day stacked in the fridge, and new lunch box gear for the coming school year for me.

It was our two year wedding anniversary. We slept in, Trevor mowed the lawn, we went out for a late lunch at Thai Heaven, then Harry Potter at the Carmike in Newnan. Later on, we went to Yogli Mogli for "dinner." We ended up swinging into Target to look at bedding for the guest room, but instead came home with lunch box gear for me (school starts in just over two weeks). After we came home, Trevor packed his clothes and food for his four day trip that would begin early the next morning.

I haven't written much down so far. I think it's because I naturally remember so much of the stuff I would write down. Like when Trevor said, "Do I need to take a picture of my food because you're weird like that?" Seriously. Like I could forget something like that! I nearly made him take a camera along with him this week when he left for the trip, but I figured I'd probably get photos of cockpit instruments and clouds. The time that I reluctantly let him take the good camera along, though, he ended up getting his photo taken with Harry Reid, who was on one of Trevor's flights (he has also flown such illustrious celebrities as Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Erik Estrada, and an assortment of 80s has-beens for a festival in Valdosta last summer, while my friend Rachel has flown Michael Bolton and Selena Gomez).
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