Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Daily Routine

I've basically been a housewife for two years. I say basically because I've been substitute teaching for much of that time. I'm still home more days than I'm at work, though. I struggle with setting up a daily routine for myself. When Trevor is away, I tend to just let myself sleep, waking up around 10:30 a.m. and going to bed somewhere around 1-2 a.m. I've always been a night owl, but it seems a little shameful to have reached my mid-20s and still be like that. I should have left that behind in college, right?

Once I wake up, I go to the fridge, get a Diet Coke, and start up my laptop. I usually spend an hour or so checking my email and Facebook, catching up on Twitter, and reading blogs on my Google Reader. After that, I shower, get ready for the day, and make lunch -- I'm not a breakfast person. In the afternoons, I do more internety stuff and scrapbook or make cards. Pandora or The PaperClipping Roundtable usually play in the background while I do this.

I make dinner somewhere between 5:30-7:30 p.m. After I eat, I usually call our families or friends to talk before the TV shows start -- not that I watch TV, mind you, as we canceled our cable, but our families do have some shows they watch. After that, I might watch something on Hulu Plus or Netflix or do some more artsy stuff. Trevor usually calls between 8-10 p.m. and we talk for 30-60 minutes. After I talk to him, I often get ready for bed and read until I'm tired or watch stuff on the Roku in the our bedroom.


I'm not happy with this routine. My sleep schedule isn't consistent if I have to go to work, especially if I have to go to an elementary school with a 7:15 a.m. report time. I feel like I spend too much time in my pajamas. I don't consistently clean, but instead tend to go in spurts where I do EVERYTHING over a couple days, and then I don't clean again for a long time because all I can think about is how much work it was when I did it all over a couple days. And I don't make time to exercise. I eat healthier choices than I used to, so I don't feel as bad about that one, but I do feel like I need to be doing more.

What I wish my routine looked like is something where I wake up around 7 in the morning, brew some green tea, check my email and Facebook and such in just under 30 minutes, workout, shower, and run errands before lunch. After lunch, I'd do some household cleaning, scrapbook, make cards, etc. until I make dinner. Then I'd make my phone calls, watch something on Hulu or Netflix until Trevor calls for the evening, get ready for bed, and read until about 11 p.m.

I know there's only one way I can this routine: I have to make myself conform to it. That goes against what I feel about routines, though -- I feel routines need to happen organically. Unfortunately, the organically-happening routine stinks right now. I think I'm going to work towards incorporating one or two new parts of the routine each week for the rest of the summer and try to keep up with these routines on the weekends when school starts (I'll be teaching pretty much daily for the first 12 weeks of school this fall). The biggest challenges are getting myself to do this stuff, and getting Trevor to help me establish the routine on his days off, too. Oh yeah, and then there's the whole matter of taking off on a trip every couple weeks that throws most of my progress out the window every time I try something like this. But other than those three big things, I think I can do this.

The first steps? Setting an alarm at night and doing some daily cleaning. I'll let you know how it goes.


Rhiannon Admidas said...

Good luck! You guys should get a pet. Having to feed the cats every day pretty much guarantees I'm out of bed by 9 each day, because around 8 they start sitting on my face.

Miss Creativity said...

Love your post and as I am a routine junky couldn't live without my lists it is nice to read the opposite side of the coin but to be fair you seem to have a lovely stress free life so why make it difficult for yourself as my daughter would say 'roll with it' and 'if it ain't broken don't fix it'. Have a lovely weekend and take care, keep safe, be happy.
Beverley xx (UK)

Keshet said...

Maybe write out a routine and challenge yourself to follow it for one day--I bet you will feel so much better. It can be hard to get out of inertia when you don't have a schedule, but breaking out of the pajamas will feel great!