Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ideas for using the Smash Pad & Pockets

In this month's Studio Calico kit, there was a pair of items I knew I'd have a tough time using as soon as I cracked it open: the Smash pad and the Smash pockets. The pad was a set of 30 journaling tickets, three each of 10 patterns. I'm not sure how to use anything in triplicate, especially something I didn't pick myself. The pockets were a set of 6 eclectic designs that appealed to me, but I've just never had luck using pockets on my pages. I still have the cute KI Pockets from the January SC kit waiting for projects. I'm just not a pocket person, I guess? I mean, I never put anything in the pockets of my clothing, so I guess it would stand to reason I'd never put anything in pockets on my pages.

Once I started going through the Design Team's layouts, though, I started to get some good ideas for using both items. Since I'm stuck in bed, sick, today, I decided to do a long post putting all those ideas together in one spot so 1) you could see them, too, and 2) I could feel like I did something today.

Smash Pad ideas:

1. April Foster trimmed one ticket down to fit in the Smash pockets for her journaling.
2. April also used a piece of the Smash pad as her patterned paper on the same layout.
3. On another layout, April overlapped a Smash pad sheet on top of her photo to house some embellishment.
4. Celine Navarro used the tags for journaling and layering on her Brazil layout.
5. Celine also layered her photo over one of the tags on her Daydreamer layout.
6. Davinie Fiero used one to anchor her title on her Hula Hoop layout.
7. On her "Practice Campout" layout, a tag is layered beneath both the title and the photo.
8. On the "Summer Ready" page, Davinie stitched a tag down behind her small photos at the top of the page, drawing into her background patterned papers.
9. Jen Jockisch trimmed a tag down to just the journaling lines on one of her pages.
10. She also tucked a couple behind die cut pieces in different ways on two different layouts.
11. I can't tell for sure, but I think Kelly Purkey cut up some of her tags into circles for her "Sunday at the Brooklyn Flea" and punched some for her "Year Two" layout.
12. I think Laura Kurz stamped on one of her sheets and trimmed around it for the first layout in her gallery.
13. In her last, some are used as part of the design, some with and some without words added on.
14. Nicole Samuels trimmed the title piece off one of the "Away We Go!" journaling tickets to be the flag on her pinwheel on the cover of a mini book.
15. It appears Stephanie Howell also trimmed down a tag to just the lined area for one of her layouts, too.
16. Vee Jennings used one of the journaling tickets for the home for a small, round photo.

Smash Pocket ideas:

1. April Fostered used it as a home for her journaling spot.
2. Celeine Navarro used it as a home for some embellishments.
3. Sasha Farina layered a pocket behind a pair of photos to house something -- journaling, maybe?
4. Amy Tan isn't on the DT, but she used a pocket to anchor part of her title on a layout -- one I loved so much I will likely be scraplifting soon.
5. The pockets could also go into a card to house a little love note, a gift card, or something else.

Here's hoping these ideas can help you out!

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