Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Effer Dare #175 + 25 Random Things

Effer Dare #179: "This week's challenge is to share a photo. Just a photo. Of something you love."

I chose this photo because it's one of my best friend* and me and we're wearing some of my favorite colors - black and white and bright green and yellow. I'm on a huge yellow kick right now, even though I can't really wear it, except in little doses, like on this dress. :)

I just rediscovered the Effer Dares a couple weeks ago. I worked on them in college, in the summer before I met Trevor. I had been through a rough year, and basically all my friends were gone that summer. The one who was in town was living with my (painfully, freshly) ex-boyfriend. Rough summer, indeed. I remember using some of the Dares to work through the pain that summer. It was incredible therapy.

*Best friend = husband = Trevor. :)

And since I feel the need to make this post a little more substantial, I present...

25 Random Things:

1. In the nearly four months since we moved into our house, we've watched them build four houses to the west and north of ours.
2. No one lives in any of these houses yet, though two are under contract.
3. Every house I have ever lived in, I have been one of the first occupants (obviously, this doesn't include trailers, apartments or dorms--all of which I have residents of when they were older).
4. I've also lived in two brand new apartment buildings.
5. I have travel planned in the next year to two states I've never been to, and I am super excited for both of these quick trips.
6. This year will be the first time since I started teaching that I will be returning to the same school in the fall, even as a substitute.
7. I can't remember the last time I bought a tube of lip stick or lip gloss.
8. I only own two tubes of nail polish -- a blue one and a clear one.
9. I consider myself super fortunate to have a husband who not only doesn't mind that I'm crafty, but actively encourages my craftiness.
10. I sell my extra cards, and my mother-in-law is my best customer.
11. I'm generally shocked by the reaction to my handmade cards. I never expect people to be as excited about them as they turn out to be.
12. I think calves are some of the sweetest creatures.
13. I really, honestly don't mind the Georgia heat nearly as bad as most northerners transplanted to Georgia seem to.
14. None of my closest friends from college will live in the state where we attended college as of December.
15. Also, as of December, there will be a baby that's part of that particular group of friends (Oh no, it definitely won't be mine!).
16. This year is the first time Trevor isn't working on Independence Day -- the airlines don't take the holidays off, so it's all about luck of the draw (and seniority) when it comes to getting a holiday off.
17. That also means it's the first time in our nearly five years together that we'll be in the same state on Independence Day. It's the last holiday we'll have together as a first -- we've been together on Christmas, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Valentines and Veterans Day, but never for Independence Day.
18. I can name more notable scrapbookers than I can athletes.
19. I see my amazing friend who lives in Detroit more than I see most of my friends who live around Atlanta.
20. I met most of my favorite people though the most random of coincidences, which has brought me to believe God plays a hand in everything.
21. It's pretty rare for there not to be at least one container of ice cream in our freezer. Usually, there's one for me and one for my husband.
22. I thought I liked chocolate until I met Trevor. Now I realize that I'm only okay with chocolate because his love of chocolate puts everyone else to shame.
23. One of the best things I've ever eaten was dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds from Trader's Joes. OMG. Amazing.
24. I love Starbucks but I hardly ever go there because our only real one is in a horrible location and all the others are just kiosks in Krogers.
25. The first time I went to Lenox Square, I thought I'd found retail heaven. Crate & Barrel, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Papyrus, Macy's, Hollister, American Eagle, J. Crew, Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, PB Kids...Retail Heaven, I tell you.

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