Thursday, February 17, 2011


I'm so excited for next week.
It's a very important week.
It's the week before we close on our house.
It's the week I plan to relax, do some packing, and do a lot of scrapbooking.
It's Late Winter Break at all the schools where I substitute teach!

That's right. I've got 9 days off. It's going to feel like a pause in the middle of a very hectic time -- and we still have a lot going on. We've got a birthday party on Saturday afternoon/evening, a planned visit with Rachel after the party, our normal Sunday church activities (service, serving in the preschool class, and Bible study group), and then our builder walk-through on Monday. That Friday, I've got an afternoon/evening crop at church, too. After the nine days off, I'll be subbing again, getting the house ready, and taking care of all the little details involved with moving from a two bedroom apartment into a four bedroom house.

A week after we close, a friend of ours reports to Atlanta for training at Trevor's company. We're waiting to hear if another friend will be joining him, and whether their time in Atlanta will be permanent or temporary, as the airline announced yesterday they'll be opening a new base in Detroit. We have tentative plans for guests in March, a wedding at the beginning of April, a chance to meet up with my sister in DC the day after that wedding (during my Spring Break), then six weeks of school left - part of which, I will miss because my cousin will be graduating high school in North Dakota the weekend before school is out here.

Between the sub jobs, the guests, the travel plans, and the house stuff, my planner is never far from my sight. I feel like I've written in something new several times a day, every day, since we began the house hunting process. The week off, the week with no school, will definitely feel like a much needed pause, and I can't wait.

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Keshet said...

Just wanted to say I read your religious blog and it was so fascinating! You should keep posting to it--I'd love to read more:)