Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hawaii 2010

Did I mention we flew to Hawaii for 10 days in October? It was amazing. We kayaked in Kealakekua Bay, drove to the summit of Mauna Kea, saw Volcano National Park, rode the boat to the Pearl Harbor Memorial, toured the USS Missouri and the USS Bowfin, drove around Oahu, sunk into the sand on the North Shore and discovered a black sand beach no one seemed to know existed. We picked up beautiful seashells and minute pieces of sea glass, and enjoyed our time with our friends Dave and Erin, and Erin's parents, Doug and Mary Jo.

The craziest part of our trip? Sharing the 8 hour flight from Detroit to Honolulu with Justin Bieber! No, I didn't get his autograph or a photo with him -- or even a decent photo of him. Trust me, I tried to be sneaky and get a photo with my cellphone. It didn't work. His body guard is the size of VW Beetle so I really didn't want to get too close.
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