Saturday, December 11, 2010

Reverb10: Things

What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life? (Author: Sam Davidson)

1. Junk - I'll be weeding through several boxes of junk in December and January. If it doesn't have a place or a purpose, it will be going in the garbage or giveaway piles. My life will be changed by not having all this stuff cluttering up my apartment.

2. Clothes that are too small and shoes I don't wear - I'll be trying on a lot of things. What doesn't fit doesn't stay in my closet or dresser. It will go into three piles, based on condition: garbage, giveaway, or consignment. This will change my life by giving me a neater, roomier closet and less guilt each time I see clothes I can't fit into any longer.

3. Extra craft supplies - I'll be assessing everything and asking myself, "Do I still enjoy this hobby? If so, do I still enjoy this item?" If the answer to either is no, it's getting listed on ebay or etsy, given away, or tossed. My life will be changed by not having the stuff around, so it will easier to find what I do love and enjoy my hobby more.

4. Old magazines - Anything more than 6 months old will be going in the garbage. My apartment will be less cluttered, and I'll be happier.

5. Books I'll never read again - Our bookshelves are simply past capacity. An apartment can't hold many bookshelves, so I'll be picking through the collection and either donating books to Goodwill or selling them on The resulting life change will be less stuff and room for more books that I'll be more likely to read again.

6. Printed versions of some teaching materials - I have all these worksheets and lesson plans I wrote while I was teaching full-time or while in college to satisfy course requirements. Some of these materials are now five years old, and unused since that time. I would like to use them someday, however, so I'll be transferring any and all non-copyrighted works into Google documents for storage. The results will be a couple less heavy boxes of stuff, and a lot of freed up binders and folders.

7. Unused school supplies - It's been a year and a half since I taught, and I have a couple years' worth of school supplies stashed away. I don't need them, and they are cheap. The whole lot is going to the Goodwill store so someone who can't afford notebooks and folders can use them. I'll have another empty box, and be satisfied with knowing I provided a child with school supplies.

8. The considerable amounts of pasta in my pantry - I'll be using it up by making yummy food, and my pantry will be less full. I'll be able to find what I want to cook more easily, and it will make cooking dinner go more quickly.

9. Volunteer work that doesn't feel fulfilling - Volunteering should never feel like a burden. It should make you happy to help others. I volunteer in a couple different capacities right now, and one of them simply isn't fulfilling my few requirements for a good volunteer opportunity in that it doesn't help the less fortunate, it doesn't give me a sense of pride in my work or in helping others, and it interferes with other daily activities. It, in fact, actually helps people who are in pretty good condition, financially-speaking. Cutting this activity will free up time to do other volunteer work that is more fulfilling, and will make me happy.

10. Partially-used bath and body products I don't like but feel guilty throwing away - I'm coming to terms with the fact that just because I paid for it doesn't mean I have to like it or use it all up. Anything that doesn't do its job or doesn't make me happy will go in the garbage. I'll have less stuff and be happy about that.

11. Cable television - Cancel the cable after the college hockey season is done. We've got a Roku with Netflix and Hulu Plus, so we'll be able to watch what we want when we want. The resulting life change will be not being tied down to the TV schedule and not having to watch TV shows on our laptops.

A lot of it simply boils down to extra stuff. I feel weighed down by it all. I've spent a good portion of the morning looking for my library card in a sea of junk. It's just time to get past all the junk in my life and stop feeling like each box of stuff is tied around my ankle, keeping me back from enjoying my life at home.


Ms. Mommie's World said...

Great List! :)

Dove said...

Wow! That seems like a lot of goals, and they all seem pretty managable. Good luck!!