Monday, November 8, 2010

A small favor from my readers...if they exist ;)

I've noticed a pattern in my blogging. I read a lot, but I don't comment often. A lot of it stems from viewing in Google Reader rather than on the actual site, but some of it stems from not having much to say.

It occurred to me today that there might be many others like me who are reading but not commenting. So, since I've noticed that I do have some viewers/readers (at least, according to Blogger's statistics tools), I'd like to ask a small favor.

A very small favor.

Could you please just leave a little comment on this post letting me know if you're reading my blog? "Reading" is all you've got to type. I'd just like to a read on what sort of readership numbers I might have.



amy lapi said...

reading :)

i follow you more on twopeas, but i did stop by here too :)

Miss Creativity said...

Hello just found you via blogging tool so am reading you and I am a random passing person...

Ms. Mommie's World said...

I joined today, linked from Reverb10 because I liked your title. I am now following and will continue to read. Nice to meet you. Happy reading, writing, and creating.