Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Cards!

Last Christmas, I made my first ever photo card for Christmas. I was kind of hesitant to do this, even though I was using a wedding photo. I had resisted doing it until I helped my mom make her holiday cards, using Shutterfly to place a family photo, a photo of my sister and me, a photo of my parents, and a photo of my husband and me on the card (this was our answer to the fact that our wedding photographer didn't take a single photo of all five of us!). Mom's cards were beautiful, professional, and easy to put together. I hadn't even seen them in person when I decided I would definitely be making my own.

And then I stumbled upon it. It was the perfect design. It was a cardstock, 5x7 card featuring a black and white damask design, just like we used at our wedding. It was a perfect complement to our wedding photos, it still said holiday, and it was incredibly sophisticated. I ordered the cards around Thanksgiving, and they arrived during the first week of December.

This year, with no weddings or special events, I was doubtful we would have photos I'd want to use for a card again. However, our trip to Hawaii in October changed that. We came home with a few photos that would be great on a card, so I started searching. I checked Snapfish and a few other sites, and I even looked into creating my own design. I just didn't know where I was going to find a holiday card design that wouldn't look silly with our photos of palm trees and sunsets on Waikiki Beach.

I should have known. Shutterfly had the perfect design again this year! Once again, it's a 5x7 card printed on cardstock, but this year, it's a muted, tropical blue with a brown sketch of palm trees and a greeting beside the photo. Once again, it's a sophisticated design that works with my photos, doesn't shout HOLIDAY, but still gives off the proper mood. I think the chances are very good that I will be sticking with Shutterfly for my holiday cards in the future.

Here's this year's card design. Unfortunately, it looks like the design I used last year has been discontinued, but there are several really cute damask designs for this year, too.

Disclaimer: Though I love Shutterfly a lot and post about my love for Shutterfly often on, there was a motivation behind this post. Shutterfly is currently doing a promotion for bloggers offering 50 free cards for writing about your experience with their holiday cards. If you're interested in joining in, check out the Shutterfly blog.

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