Thursday, September 9, 2010

Organize Your Stuff Challenge: Week 1: Space Audit

On the General Scrapping Messageboards, Crisann is hosting a very lengthy challenge designed to get all our scrapbook supplies organized, one step at a time. This is the third round of this challenge, originally begun in 2009 by a member known as wookiemouse. Crisann has since been the host of round two and is beginning round three this week.

I've decided to blog about my progress on Thursdays as we go through this challenge. It's 29 weeks, though not every topic will apply to me. For example, I don't keep die cut pieces around, so the die cut week won't really apply to me.

The first week is the "space audit," and I've been tasked with auditing my scrap space for convenience. Here's what I found:

1. My cardstock is very easy to reach.
2. My patterned papers are a little more difficult to reach, but still easy to get to.
3. My punches are within reach.
4. My stamps are decently within reach, though I have to roll and turn my chair to reach some of them.
5. My stickers are easy to reach.
6. My ribbon set-up is excellent for ease of use, but I don't use ribbon that much, anyway.
7. Most of my tools are easily within reach.
8. My desk is generally covered with stuff because this apartment doesn't lend itself to storage very easily.
9. Photos are scattered throughout this room because I've never come up with a good system for storing them.
10. My Slice machine is not in a good location right now. On the desk was convenient, but it took up space. Now it's on a shelf, but I can't have it charging or use it while it's plugged in.
11. My Cuttlebug stuff is really disorganized right now.
12. My embellishments are really spread out.
13. My tools and pens are mixed in the same bucket, making it difficult to find what I want quickly.
14. I simply have too much stuff.
15. Most embarassingly, I need to remember that my futon is NOT extra storage space.

There you have it. My space audit. Next week's challenge is on brainstorming, which is something I'm already working on, and will likely have plenty of thoughts to share.

Tomorrow I'll be back with my cousin Claire's birthday card. There will be lots of birthday cards over the next couple months - my cousins Claire, Ann, and Jill were all born in September, just like I was. I also share my birthday with my husband's paternal grandfather, Ed, who will turn 92 this year. October brings my brother-in-law Tyler's birthday, my mother-in-law's birthday, and my grandmother's birthday. All those birthdays together help to make autumn my favorite season. :)

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