Saturday, September 25, 2010

365 Cards #45: Ann's Birthday

About the card:

Inspired by a recent Make a Card Monday video from Kristina Werner, though I'm not so sure this looks a lot like her card now that it's completed. I didn't do buttons or hand stitching, my sentiment placement is different, and my background stamp is different, but it was still inspired by her. I LOVED the ribbon scraps hearts! I also loved that I used a lot of my "cheap stuff" on this card -- random ribbons from bargain bins at Target and Michael's, Hobby Lobby kraft cardstock, a Hobby Lobby background stamp, HL ink pads, a dollar bin stamp from Michael's, and half pearls I know I got half off at (you guessed it) Hobby Lobby.

I did the diecutting for these cards in a huge batch at a crop, and I was reminded how amazing the Cuttlebug is when my friend's almost five year old daughter asked what I was doing. I offered to let her try, and she not only was able to do it, but she loved it!

About Ann:

Ann is cousin #3 of four girls. She is the younger of Claire, mentioned in my last post, and older sister of Jill, who also has a birthday this month, but I forgot to scan the card I sent her. It's okay, though, because it was a variation of the Cards for Kids I made for their blog hop earlier this summer. Ann turned 13 this year, and on her 13th birthday, she won a Junior Varsity cross country meet. It was her second first place finish in her first cross country season. Later this fall, she will run varsity on a high school team. In addition to being a great runner, she's a great basketball player, volleyball player, and gives a whole new meaning to "throws a football like a girl." Needless to say, she's a very busy and talented girl!

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