Friday, September 10, 2010

365 Cards #44: Claire's Birthday

{Supplies: Card - Archivers, Papers - American Crafts, Cardstock and ink - paper studio, Stamps - Studio G, ribbon - unknown}

Miss Claire is turning 14 today. She is my second oldest cousin (her older sister Erin turned 17 in June). I was just a few days shy of 12 when Claire was born. I barely remember visiting her when she was born, though I do recall declaring that we would spend my birthday visiting their family in Carrington. We actually went the day before, and it was a gorgeous day. My dad had already seen baby Claire because he and my grandfather had stopped at the hospital after their trip to the Big Iron Show in Valley City that year. My dad made a crack about how it worked out so well, he'd see my aunt same time, same place the next year. My cousin Ann was born one year and eight days later. We missed Ann's baptism, and my dad made a crack about how we'd catch the next one. Two years and 11 days later, my cousin Jill was born and my dad was forbidden from making any cracks about the family growing.

I was able to catch up with my aunt earlier this week, and she mentioned that her girls are starting to scrapbook. I am so excited about that, and I hope they'll bring their scrapbooks for me to see when they come to visit my family next weekend. I know my influence on them was indirect, at best. I started scrapbooking, then my sister started. She moved close to them about a year ago, so they've been exposed to her scrapbooking over that time, and that probably got them started. Regardless of why they started scrapbooking, I'm glad to see them doing it.

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