Saturday, September 25, 2010

365 Cards #45: Ann's Birthday

About the card:

Inspired by a recent Make a Card Monday video from Kristina Werner, though I'm not so sure this looks a lot like her card now that it's completed. I didn't do buttons or hand stitching, my sentiment placement is different, and my background stamp is different, but it was still inspired by her. I LOVED the ribbon scraps hearts! I also loved that I used a lot of my "cheap stuff" on this card -- random ribbons from bargain bins at Target and Michael's, Hobby Lobby kraft cardstock, a Hobby Lobby background stamp, HL ink pads, a dollar bin stamp from Michael's, and half pearls I know I got half off at (you guessed it) Hobby Lobby.

I did the diecutting for these cards in a huge batch at a crop, and I was reminded how amazing the Cuttlebug is when my friend's almost five year old daughter asked what I was doing. I offered to let her try, and she not only was able to do it, but she loved it!

About Ann:

Ann is cousin #3 of four girls. She is the younger of Claire, mentioned in my last post, and older sister of Jill, who also has a birthday this month, but I forgot to scan the card I sent her. It's okay, though, because it was a variation of the Cards for Kids I made for their blog hop earlier this summer. Ann turned 13 this year, and on her 13th birthday, she won a Junior Varsity cross country meet. It was her second first place finish in her first cross country season. Later this fall, she will run varsity on a high school team. In addition to being a great runner, she's a great basketball player, volleyball player, and gives a whole new meaning to "throws a football like a girl." Needless to say, she's a very busy and talented girl!

Friday, September 10, 2010

365 Cards #44: Claire's Birthday

{Supplies: Card - Archivers, Papers - American Crafts, Cardstock and ink - paper studio, Stamps - Studio G, ribbon - unknown}

Miss Claire is turning 14 today. She is my second oldest cousin (her older sister Erin turned 17 in June). I was just a few days shy of 12 when Claire was born. I barely remember visiting her when she was born, though I do recall declaring that we would spend my birthday visiting their family in Carrington. We actually went the day before, and it was a gorgeous day. My dad had already seen baby Claire because he and my grandfather had stopped at the hospital after their trip to the Big Iron Show in Valley City that year. My dad made a crack about how it worked out so well, he'd see my aunt same time, same place the next year. My cousin Ann was born one year and eight days later. We missed Ann's baptism, and my dad made a crack about how we'd catch the next one. Two years and 11 days later, my cousin Jill was born and my dad was forbidden from making any cracks about the family growing.

I was able to catch up with my aunt earlier this week, and she mentioned that her girls are starting to scrapbook. I am so excited about that, and I hope they'll bring their scrapbooks for me to see when they come to visit my family next weekend. I know my influence on them was indirect, at best. I started scrapbooking, then my sister started. She moved close to them about a year ago, so they've been exposed to her scrapbooking over that time, and that probably got them started. Regardless of why they started scrapbooking, I'm glad to see them doing it.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Organize Your Stuff Challenge: Week 1: Space Audit

On the General Scrapping Messageboards, Crisann is hosting a very lengthy challenge designed to get all our scrapbook supplies organized, one step at a time. This is the third round of this challenge, originally begun in 2009 by a member known as wookiemouse. Crisann has since been the host of round two and is beginning round three this week.

I've decided to blog about my progress on Thursdays as we go through this challenge. It's 29 weeks, though not every topic will apply to me. For example, I don't keep die cut pieces around, so the die cut week won't really apply to me.

The first week is the "space audit," and I've been tasked with auditing my scrap space for convenience. Here's what I found:

1. My cardstock is very easy to reach.
2. My patterned papers are a little more difficult to reach, but still easy to get to.
3. My punches are within reach.
4. My stamps are decently within reach, though I have to roll and turn my chair to reach some of them.
5. My stickers are easy to reach.
6. My ribbon set-up is excellent for ease of use, but I don't use ribbon that much, anyway.
7. Most of my tools are easily within reach.
8. My desk is generally covered with stuff because this apartment doesn't lend itself to storage very easily.
9. Photos are scattered throughout this room because I've never come up with a good system for storing them.
10. My Slice machine is not in a good location right now. On the desk was convenient, but it took up space. Now it's on a shelf, but I can't have it charging or use it while it's plugged in.
11. My Cuttlebug stuff is really disorganized right now.
12. My embellishments are really spread out.
13. My tools and pens are mixed in the same bucket, making it difficult to find what I want quickly.
14. I simply have too much stuff.
15. Most embarassingly, I need to remember that my futon is NOT extra storage space.

There you have it. My space audit. Next week's challenge is on brainstorming, which is something I'm already working on, and will likely have plenty of thoughts to share.

Tomorrow I'll be back with my cousin Claire's birthday card. There will be lots of birthday cards over the next couple months - my cousins Claire, Ann, and Jill were all born in September, just like I was. I also share my birthday with my husband's paternal grandfather, Ed, who will turn 92 this year. October brings my brother-in-law Tyler's birthday, my mother-in-law's birthday, and my grandmother's birthday. All those birthdays together help to make autumn my favorite season. :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

my latest project

Today, I began an ambitious project.

I am analyzing all of my scrapbook layouts for colors, patterns, embellishments, and themes in a spreadsheet. So far, I've gone through three albums containing about 90 layouts. Patterns are definitely emerging, as well as memories that have fallen to the wayside as I move through my life. I found a layout containing a photo I downloaded from a friend's Livejournal in 2004, before we had Facebook to share photos and ideas.

It's interesting to see who is in my scrapbooks compared to who I still talk to regularly now. There were no painful falling outs, just slow drifting aparts, caused by all of us moving around the country over the past six years. Those of us who were in the 2004-2005 scrapbooks now live in Canada, Nebraska, Texas, California, Michigan, and Georgia. None of us were originally from those places, and I doubt any of us could have imagined at that time that we would end up living where we are now. Thanks to the ever-volatile airline industry and the economy, I'm not sure any of us imagined we'd be working where we are right now. I never thought it would be difficult to find a teaching job.

It's almost as though this project is as much about analyzing how I've come along as a person as it is about how I've come along as a scrapbooker. I was surprised to see layouts using my wedding colors in the 2004 and 2005 scrapbooks, and to realize my love of American Crafts letter stickers began long before Thickers were introduced. Does anyone remember the loopy Sarah Script? The chunky, serifed letters? I hope I still have some in my stash. My love for them has been renewed after beginning this project.

What amazes me most is what I did with a limited set of supplies, limited space, and low tech tools. It seems like I've lost a little creativity with each new, more advanced tool I've added to my scrapbook stash. I was unconcerned about having layouts using the same papers touching each other in my albums, probably because those were the only papers I had on hand at that time. I know I wasn't measuring precise placements with my rulers, and I didn't have to pull up and re-place a sticker time after time until it looked just perfect (but didn't really stick any longer, anyway).

I've definitely evolved as a scrapbooker, but I'm wondering if maybe it isn't time to devolve a little?