Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Fun!

Sharing a few things I'm enjoying right now:

1. The Paperclipping Roundtable - A weekly podcast about scrapbooking, presented by Noell Hyman, her husband Izzy, Nancy Nally, and a panel of guests. I just listened for the first time and found it was far more inspiring than I had expected. It's so interesting to consider what audio podcasts are doing these days, when talk radio is bringing us Dr. Laura's repeated use of the n-word and pundits twisting the facts beyond recognition.

2. The Foolish Adventure - Izzy Hyman recently started a new podcast about going on the foolish adventure of starting your own internet business. I listened to the first podcast shortly after I finished listening to The Paperclipping Roundtable. It was also very inspiring. Something they talked about was the fact that it's not always a bad thing to say that someone is unemployable. It just means their skill set doesn't match the way the job market is going, which is to me a very important attribute of an innovator: possessing different skills that result in a different process and different results than the status quo is producing. It's so interesting to consider the process Izzy Hyman and Tim Conley used to start their respective internet businesses.

3. Jody Wenke's Blog - Jody Wenke has a very clean, beautiful style of scrapbooking that has been inspiring me this week. She doesn't use a ton of product, doesn't cram too many photos on a page, and uses the 8.5x11 size you don't see very much of (though that is my preferred size).

4. Joy Taylor's Blog - An Australian cardmaker who makes adorable cards, often quite simply, with stunning results.

5. This card by Kristina Werner - This card makes me think of some of the clothes I had as a little girl, quilts my mom has made, and some of the first clothes I bought in college, without my mom's approving eye. The nostalgia, I think, is that makes me love this card so much.

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