Tuesday, August 10, 2010

365 Cards: #37 - Sarah G's 30th Birthday

Paper: Making Memories, Chipboard: Paper Studio, Ink: Target dollar rack, Cardstock: Bazzil

Sarah G was the first native Georgian I met. My husband and her boyfriend lived together when they first got their jobs in Atlanta. They had worked together in Grand Forks previously, so they decided to live together in Atlanta. On my first visit to Atlanta, I ended up spending a night without Trevor at their apartment. It turned out to be one of the most fun nights of the trip because Craig wasn't working, and he had brought Sarah over to hang out. They were so much fun and made me feel at home.

Sarah turned 30 on Saturday, but the real celebration is happening this week, while her pilot friends are home from their trips. So here's the card I made for her. It might be one of the largest cards I've ever made -- it's a full letter size sheet of cardstock, folded in half. I inked the chipboard numbers with cheap green ink I never use to get that fun color. It might get more use for this kind of project now that I know how nice it looks on chipboard.

Quick and simple, but fun. I think I still have a lot of numbers left in the set, so there might be more cards like this in the future.

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