Friday, July 2, 2010

A whole pile of cards going out this week

Between our friends and family this week, I'm sending out cards celebrating a new baby, thanking a lot of dear friends, celebrating a 25th birthday on Independence Day, and mourning a dear friend's grandmother. A couple of these were store bought cards, but the rest were handmade. I've photographed them to post next week, once the recipients have received them.

I got a Memory Works shipment in this week, so I'm going to be having fun with my new supplies in the coming days, and I'm anticipating another package of goodies in the next few weeks, too! I'm hoping to update my Etsy store soon, too. Photographing the cards has been such a pain up until now. However, I sat at Trevor's desk today and noticed he has a clear corner that only has wall in the background and it gets quite a bit of sunlight, too, so I get an evenly-lit photo when I use the flash. The biggest challenge with photos in this apartment is the lack of overhead lighting -- only the kitchen, bathroom, and dining room have overhead lighting -- the rest of the apartment has outlets wired into the light switches for lamp lighting.

Today's big project is getting all the photos from our mini trips this summer uploaded onto Shutterfly for printing. In between choosing photos for uploading, I'm going to be working on getting my scrapbook room perfect. We've got a lot of visitors coming late this summer and into the fall, so we are finally making the apartment more of a home and less of a temporary dwelling. We hadn't really decorated because we weren't sure how long we were going to stay here, but we renewed our lease through the end of August 2011, so we will definitely be here long enough for it to be worth it to put holes in the wall!

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