Sunday, November 29, 2009

Monday Projects: December Daily #2

So, my package of goodies from Elle's Studio arrived on Friday. I received the Christmas Countdown Pack, which includes some elements that need to be cut apart, including the numbers 1-31. I started out by cutting apart the numbers, the label sets, and the Holiday Greetings set. My plan had been to coordinate each day's supplies in page protectors. However, I couldn't find the box of 8x8 page protectors I swore I had just seen within the past...okay, the past two years. Anyway, what I DID find was a Christmas-patterned brag book album tucked away in my stash from about four or five years ago. I've been using that to organize each day's tags and embellishments, and it takes up just a fraction of the space the page protectors would.

I posted on a message board about how I was working on this project, and another childless scrapper asked what I'd be putting in the album. Really, how much is there to document about the holidays when you're an unemployed, childless newlywed 1500 miles from your family?

So I thought about it, and here's what I came up with so far:
  • Decorating our apartment
  • Finishing trimming the tree (we put it up, realized we need more ornaments, but haven't put them on the tree yet)
  • Downtown Newnan Cookie Exchange
  • Baby shower for a friend (not Christmas, but it's what I'm doing in December)
  • Wrapping presents
  • The red holiday Starbucks cups
  • Celebrating with my family in North Dakota
  • Celebrating with my husband's family in Minnesota
  • Visiting with other friends and family throughout the holidays -- including a friend who moved to Norway, got married, and had a baby all in the last 18 months.
  • Hopefully getting the chance to join my husband on one of trips for work and see the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree
  • Any baking I might do between now and Christmas
  • Spending our first New Year's Eve together -- ever. We've always been in different states!
  • Favorite ornaments documented on the more ho-hum days
See? There's plenty in your life to document. If you've been considering the December Daily project, I'd encourage you to tackle some of these same concepts in your album.


Nicole K/GothamGal said...

Oooh, that's pretty cool. Thanks for sharing. I was really trying to go back and forth about whether or not I needed to do a december album (no kids, vacationing alone for about 3/4 of it), but I might keep a journal and do a few things. Thanks!
Elle's Studio stuff keeps getting better!

Lynsey said...

Oh, I know! I love Elle's Studio so much! I'm excited to see if there's new Valentines stuff this year -- I loved the cute hearts stuff last year.

Cathy said...

Hi Lynsey,

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Yup, it is.

Please join me in my very first "Amour Valentine Swap". It's going to be easy, peezy and so much fun.
Just drop on over to my blog for the details, then send me an email if you'd like to participate. The more the merrier.