Saturday, November 28, 2009

Delaying the Elsie Challenge...

I decided I'm going to being the Elsie Challenge on the first Friday in January. December is a crazy time to be working on a challenge like that, and with the December Daily, I know I'll be stretched too thin.

Instead, I think I'll be using Fridays for posts about my favorite things for awhile. This is my favorite time of the year, and because of that, I have a lot of favorites at this time of the year, too. From the Almond Crescent cookies only available from November through Christmas to the latest Hallmark Keepsake ornaments, it's a wonderful time of consumerism for me. :)

In other news, I got a Slice this week! Michael's ran them on sale for $90. I noticed they were sold out on Monday night already, so I ended up having to think about it. I realized getting a raincheck meant I could get it for that price later on, which would give me more time to save for it. Trevor had to run an errand at Target Wednesday morning, so I sent him to the Michael's nearby to get the raincheck...and he came home with the machine! They still had a few in the back, so he purchased one for me. Believe me when I say it felt like Christmas came early for me!

I'm not having the same sort of steep learning curve some users have complained about in reviews or on message boards. I do wish I had the spatula and the 12 inch glass cutting mat, but Christmas is coming, and I've been asked for gift ideas that will fit into my suitcase, so I think I can hold off on these purchases a little while longer.

I also realized that a coat of the adhesive will last for a few sheets of paper -- as long as the paper sticks down completely, you're good to go. I think the directions suggest that you must lay down adhesive on the mat, smooth on the paper, make your cut, wash the mat, lay down adhesive again, smooth down your next piece of paper, and then make your second cut. Obviously, if your adhesive isn't smooth on the mat, you'll have problems with the uneven surface, but it's not a big deal to rinse the mat, dry it, and smear on the adhesive (which dries in about 2 minutes).

Thanks to the clearance racks at Hobby Lobby as well as sales at Hobby Lobby and Michael's this week, I've been able to purchase the Fa La La card, the Animal Crackers card, the Noteworthy card, the Words and Expressions card, and the Holiday Words and Expressions card in addition to the included Basics 1 card. I definitely want to get the Spring card or the Mistletoe card because they have gorgeous fonts included, but I think I can wait patiently for another sale. I think Noteworthy might be my favorite card so far because it's so versatile -- lots of nice, elegant shapes that work well for page elements, journaling blocks, or pieces for stamping upon. I'm so excited to work on a full project using the Slice -- so far, I've just been playing with it.

Hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend! I'll be working on my December Daily this weekend in order to get a few things prepared prior to Tuesday -- and December 1!


KarenSue said...

Noteworthy is also one of my used may like Basics 3, with all those flourishes, also

Lynsey said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Karen Sue!