Wednesday, September 2, 2009

7 positives: Day 1

I'm not sure where I first picked this up -- it might have been Wil Wheaton's blog several years ago -- but I read that when you can change your way of life by posting 7 positives to your blog or writing 7 positives in your journal every day for a month. Your perspective shifts to thinking in the positive, rather than in the neutral or negative.

So, here's today's 7 positives:

1. My husband and I paid cash for a new car last month.
2. I have a coupon for $1 off the Blizzard of the month.
3. I am going to visit my family this weekend.
4. I have two awesome cousins-in-law.
5. We have everything we need right now.
6. We have a wonderful apartment complex with polite neighbors and ample parking.
7. We have a plethora of books in our home. Most have been read by at least one of us, but few have been read by both of us, essentially doubling our library for the time being.

Wow, at first I thought it would be tough, but I actually had a tough time stopping at the end! I hope to have a longer blog post tomorrow. I think I'm getting better about actually posting here, even if I did go a little over a week between posts this time. September is Project Mania month, and while I am not part of the blog hop, I do anticipate creating a few of the projects during the month and posting them here or on Two Peas in a Bucket.

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