Monday, August 24, 2009

Book Review: The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffeneger

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I read The Time Traveler's Wife around my wedding and during my honeymoon. Let me tell you, the emotions I was feeling at this time definitely intensified the book. In this book, a mild-mannered librarian named Henry travels through time uncontrollably, never knowing for sure when or where he will end up. When he meets a younger woman named Clare, it is instant, mutual love. The book is, overall, a tale of love and longing throughout a courtship and a marriage, told from both the perspectives of Clare and Henry. Both detail the pain of being torn apart by Henry's time travel, and the difficulties they have in having a child.

Clare's passages about waiting for Henry were particularly striking to me. My husband, Trevor, is an airline pilot. He is gone three nights in a row each week, and I related to the idea of waiting for my husband to come home, especially the uneasiness that can come with travel (whether through time or by air).

However, there are definitely some gruesome parts and graphic descriptions that made me cringe while reading it. These parts were definitely unexpected, and I'm not sure that they added anything to the story as a whole.

I am very interested in seeing how the screenwriters approached this novel. So much of it seems very difficult to translate to the big screen, and especially into the successful chick flick the movie seems to be marketed as. Though part of me would love to go see the movie in theatres, I think I'll be waiting for it to hit Netflix this winter.

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