Monday, March 2, 2009

Quick and dirty update

  • Over on Jennifer Mcguire's blog, there is a link to a card drive to benefit families of Victoria in Australia who lost their homes in the wildfires last month. They are looking for cards of encouragement, thinking of you cards, and take care cards. Read the details on Jennifer's blog. She's also collecting cards for a batch mailing if you have any to contribute.
  • Almost done with The Hound of the Baskervilles. I need to start reading The Horizontal World by Deb Marquart tonight so I can have it finished by Saturday. The North Dakota Humanities Council is sponsoring a book talk at the local library on Saturday afternoon. I've always wanted to read this book, so I'm excited for the opportunity to borrow it from the library and see the author in person.
  • The Vegetarian Lent thing only went well until I caught Trevor's flu. I'm now sacrificing buying scrapbook supplies until Easter. I'm limiting myself to three specific colors of cardstock, adhesive, and card blanks because those are the things I need in order to keep scrapbooking. 
  • The new Sheetload is up as well, and it's definitely a cute one! I'm not sure if I want to post the first batch of cards I ended up making. I think I'm going to do another set because this might actually be one of the easiest Sheetloads to date. Two sheets of patterned paper, eight sheets of cardstock, a few scraps for definition, one stamp, and I was done!
Hope everyone is having a great Monday! I hope to post again later this week, and if not, I'll be posting again Saturday after the book talk.

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