Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And so it begins...

I have been wanting to create a design blog, a literary blog, a political blog, and a wedding blog at separate times throughout the past year. A little introspection found that this paralleled the troubled protagonist of Doris Lessing's The Golden Notebook just a little more than I could bear. So, instead, I'm creating one blog: my whole life blog.

Here, you will find reviews of the books I'm writing, previews of scrapbook creations, commentary on politics and current events, updates on the joys and frustrations of planning my July wedding, and other general details of my life. There will be an eclectic mix here, to be sure, but it will be a reflection of me, and that is what I am seeking to do within this blog. You'll find links to things that inspire me, etsy shops featuring things I like, recipes, and things I've created. You might even see some documentation of small town life.

While I would love to break into scrapbooking as a professional, I am currently a grades 7-12 English teacher in rural North Dakota. I've been doing this for approximately two months. It is my first teaching job. There is always a constant struggle to keep up without losing sleep, but I can't imagine any other job being as rewarding as this one. However, it has meant that my personal interests have fallen by the wayside, which is part of why I've begun this blog. It's something to keep me accountable to. Theoretically, I will eventually have readers to keep myself accountable to, but until then, the blog itself will be my "Accountabilabuddy." My goal is to post at least three times a week, with each post being meaningful. It will be a book review, a set of photos, a scrapbook creation, or something generally interesting -- not a quick little "Oh I'm so busy i'll post later kthx bai" or "I promise I'll post tomorrow" kind of post.

This evening, I'm going to go for a walk around town and try to capture some of the sights of Velva for the world to see. With Ashley and Patrick's wedding coming up on Friday, I want to be sure that my camera batteries are charged, so I don't think I'll be out too long. If any of the photos turn out alright, I'll post them some time next week as we have a three day school week for the NDEA Instructional Conference.

However, right now, I must bid you adieu...Students will be showing up in a few minutes to do oral book reports!

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